Mind Over Money


May 12 2021


2:30 pm - 3:30 pm

The Mind Over Money workshop delves into our relationship with money and the emotional and psychological triggers that we may not even know are going on. These behaviors don’t begin with a lack of knowledge or a failure of will. Instead, they are a product of subconscious beliefs and thought patterns, rooted in our childhoods, that are so deeply ingrained in us, they shape the way we deal with money our entire adult lives. But we are not powerless. By looking deep into ourselves and our pasts, we can learn to recognize these negative and self-defeating patterns of thinking, and replace them with better, healthier ones.

This workshop will powerfully help you to learn how to make better financial decision, have more open communication with your spouse or kids about the family finances, or simply be better equipped to deal with the challenges of these tough economic times,. This could be the start of repairing your dysfunctional relationship with money and live a healthier financial life. We look forward to you joining us!

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